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The roots of Myton Church go back to Warwick Gospel Hall which was started in 1881.  The Gospel Hall was renamed Saltisford Evangelical Church in 1974, having acquired new premises in Albert Street, Warwick.  By 1990, these premises were becoming far too small for the growing congregation.  Therefore, Sunday morning services started being held in one of the halls at Myton School.  During the following years numbers attending increased, and a second Sunday morning service commenced, located back at Albert Street.   

As both congregations continued growing, eventually the decision was made to establish two distinct churches, and this took place in 2003.   Those meeting at Albert Street retained the name Saltisford Evangelical Church (now known as just Saltisford Church).  The congregation meeting at the school adopted the name Myton Church.   


As part of a legal arrangement, permission was granted by the school for the church to erect a modest sized building on their site, to be used for a 15-year period.  The building included an office, kitchen and meeting room, and served as a base for administration and a range of other meetings. 


Over the years, the need for somewhere else to run activities during school hours became more apparent.  In 2014, Myton Church had the opportunity to acquire from the District Council the lease of the Westbury Centre in South Leamington.  The church’s midweek ministries were increasingly based there, alongside other activities run by local community groups.  When the legal arrangement with the school expired in 2019, it was no longer possible to use our building situated on their site.  Therefore, the ground floor of Jubilee House (adjacent to the Westbury Centre) was rented and our church office became based there instead.

From the start of 2020, the church commenced meeting in two locations each Sunday morning.  As well as the congregation at Myton School, a second small congregation started meeting at the Westbury Centre.  However, these arrangements were curtailed because of the pandemic.  As restrictions eased, but while still unable to meet at Myton School, services for all the church started at the Westbury Centre.  By mid-2021, it was decided that rather than returning to the school, services should all be based in the Westbury Centre. The Centre continues to be modified, making it more suitable for use by the church and other local community groups. Our vision is to be a permanent, visible presence for Jesus in the Westbury community. 

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