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Myton Church actively supports and engages in world mission, aiming to play our part in fulfilling Christ’s commission, both locally and internationally. As a church, we seek to put mission at our heart. As part of that commitment, we are members of Global Connections, the UK network for world mission.


For many people, the word ‘missionary’ still conjures images of white westerners with pith helmets living amongst the local people of remote regions of Africa, China or South America. This notion is certainly not representative of the global mission scene as a whole – if indeed it ever was!

Over the past century, the church has grown enormously throughout the world. Today with the growth of the church globally, mission is no longer from the “west to the rest”.  The UK today is as much a “mission field” as other parts of the world.


So what does all this mean for churches such as Myton seeking to engage in mission? Certainly, mission must not be thought of as being ‘from here to there’ but more like ‘from everywhere to everywhere’. As a church we seek to  simultaneously prioritise both global and local mission – still sending people overseas but also making the most of opportunities to engage with and witness to our local community.

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