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We believe that wherever you are God has got something to say to you. Whilst coming in person is always going to be the best experience we recognise some might not be able to make it along and others may want to initially explore from the comfort of their own home. If that's you, do watch along with our latest service or find an audio recording of a previous sermon below.

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Our current teaching programme can be found here.

You can also listen to our last 6 sermons here.

To download recording click on the blue button next to the talk. 

20231203_Ed_McMillenEd McMillen
00:00 / 31:20
'Entering into God's promises' Joshua 20:1-21:45Nathan Richards
00:00 / 30:29
20231126_Nathan-RichardsNathan Richards
00:00 / 31:14
20231105_Ed-McMillenEd McMillen
00:00 / 29:52
20231120_Ed-McMillenEd McMillen
00:00 / 33:42
20231029_Kim-HubbardKim Hubbard
00:00 / 28:18
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